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Resident Information

Welcome to life at Junkyard Blues! We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Please don't be shy about letting us know of any difficulties you may encounter so we can help you with them.


YOUR JUNKYARD BLUES "DAWG" TAG: You need to wear this in order to rez objects from your inventory or to use your radio or media player if you are on a private parcel.

PRIM ALLOTMENTS: We are aware that there are rentals in many other places that are cheaper and allow more prims, but most of them are barren plains that are almost devoid of vegetation and anything else that makes them look appealing and realistic. We use a HUGE number of non-revenue-producing prims on region "eye candy" which make up the totality of our themed environment. You might think of this as prims we all share in common. The bottom line for many of us is that we would rather live in an interesting SL environment than have a house that is overstuffed with toys and unused furniture.

YOUR PRIMS: If you are unsure of how many prims you are allotted, click on your rent box, and the number will appear in your chat log.  To see how many prims you have rezzed just click on the other box that says "Touch to see your prim count." Don't worry about rezzing a few prims for temporary use and then taking them back in again. Our concern is with stuff that is left rezzed while you are gone.

THEME: Our theme is the southern gulf coast of the United States. We are kind of diligent about maintaining that appearance and atmosphere, so outdoor objects owned by residents that are just plain unrealistic or out of theme will be returned.

IMPORTANT: Exterior furniture, beach blankets, boats, potted plants, windchimes and other small decorative items are fine, but please do not rez things that change the external appearance or "look" of your residence.  Again it is all about theme.

COTTAGE AND BUNGALOW FLAT ROOFTOPS: Furniture and small decorative items are fine.  However we do ask that hot tub lovers put their tubs on the ground instead of the roof, and we beg you to shut off hot tub scripts when you are not using them so they don't continue to eat sim resources 24/7.

FLAGS:  Flags should be of *reasonable* size (kind of small) and not fly above rooftop height on the bungalows and trailers or "rooftop umbrella" height on the houseboats. Big flags detract from the theme because they visually distracting, dominate the landscape, and tend to look cartoonish. 

VEGETATION:  Since this has a bearing on theme we ask that you don't add to the landscaping with your own trees and shrubs without checking with us first.  Our landscaping is carefully done with an eye toward realism and continuity, and some styles of vegetation look very odd and out of place here.  This does not apply to potted plants or small gardens. Let us know if you need a bush or tree added to increase privacy or would like one removed to enhance the view. 

FIRES: Please limit the number of fires you have outside your house or boat to just one, perhaps a small "fire bowl" or a single, stand-alone torch which is always better than a "magical camp fire" that never burns out.

SCRIPTS: We appreciate it so much when renters can turn off scripted objects like sex beds, hot tubs, sofas,  rugs, pets, boats, and so forth when they are away. Otherwise they continue to use sim resources by endlessly listening for commands. Even if we remember this only *half* the time it really does help with overall sim performance, and that means less lag for you while you're here enjoying your home. 

HOW TO TURN OFF SCRIPTS: Just right click the object to put it in "edit" mode, then go to the "Tools" menu at the top, then toggle "Set Scripts to Not Running in Selection."  To turn them back on just edit again, select tools again, and toggle "Set Scripts to Running in Selection." Most devices can be toggled on and off in this fashion, and it only takes a few clicks.

NEIGHBORS: Most people come here for neighbors and community, not for privacy and solitude. Friendly people are part of the fun of living here. This is one of the friendliest communities in Second Life, and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

SECURITY:  If you are being harrassed or griefed please notify us immediately. Send your IM to both of us even if you don't see us online. Please include the name of the griefer or trespasser and a short description of what happened. We will act the moment we see your message. Include a chat log if appropriate. Any Junkyard host has the power to eject and ban if we are not available. You can see their names on the Host page of our website ( This is your home, and we WILL help you.

IF WE SPEAK TO YOU:  Sometimes we need to remind residents about something in the guidelines. If so, we still love you, and we're just doing our job with the sim - keeping it in theme and managing the prim budget and script load. That's what keeps it all working.  :)

THINGS TO DO IN THE ESTATE: Visit the club, take in a weekend live music concert, go boating on our 12 sims of islands and ocean, take your sweetheart to the drive-in movie, shop at the canal stores, hold a ceremony or party at the pavilion free of charge, visit the Cove Cafe for coffee and chat, or just walk around exploring the place looking more closely and enjoying this environment.

Enjoy.  :)

-Kiff Clutterbuck & Richardina Petty