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Live Music at
Junkyard Blues

Over the years we have featured many live music concerts. They are mostly (but not always) blues.


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    Pinetop Perkins,
  Hubert Sumlin,
and the Nighthawks
Stream to Junkyard
 Blues Direct from
  Washington D.C.
    Courtesy of
 DJ Fiery Otaared


Hubert Sumlin and The Nighthawks w/piano players do a sound check

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Audio transmission,
and photographs
by Thundergas Menges

Pinetop Willie Perkins being escorted to the piano by "The Boogie Man"

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Pinetop Willie Perkins, Hubert Sumlin and The Nighthawks play the blues

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Pinetop Willie Perkins plays the blues in his peacock hat and zoot suit

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Hubert Sumlin, a bluesman and his guitar

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96-Year-Old Pinetop Perkins

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Hubert Sumlin and The Nighthawks with Junkyard Blues shown live on the monitor in the background

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Nighthawk Paul Bell on his well-played guitar

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Nighthawk Mark Wenner, vocals and harmonica

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Nighthawk Pete Ragusa on drums

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Nighthawk Johnny Castle on guitar

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AM Quar

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AM Quar hails from Montreal, Canada where he began learning to play guitar at age fifteen. His early influences were Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. AM sings from his home studio where he also spends time working on original compositions and covers. French is his native tongue, English his second language, and Spanish the language of some of his songs. AM has played with many bands including Pop Corn Blues Band, Les Maitres (Morse Code), Les Chevelles, Andre Collin, Projet-X, and Pro-Style with Anita Godina. He plays songs by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Joe Cocker, Classic Blues, Latino music, and his own blues rock compositions. As Andre Massicotte in "first life," AM has produced two CDs.

Arman Finesmith

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In concert, Arman is as likely to follow a hard driving, Robert Johnson delta blues with an intricate interpretation of a Fats Waller rag, or a Bessie Smith wail, chased down by a smooth-as-silk rendition of an early Mills Brothers favorite.  If you know what “Diddy Wa Diddy” means – and even if you don’t, you will love Finesmith’s syncopated fancy finger work, as he spreads early vintage blues and jazz traditions, from the French Quarter to the far reaches. And when it comes to ragtime he is the real deal. Music and video samples can be found at

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ArorA Chadbourne

In her First Life ArorA Chadbourne is Jamie Brayden, Vocalist, Entertainer, and Songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. Her parents were nightclub and radio performers in the New York area, and Jamie became part of the act at age four along with her older sister.  Later she performed in musical theater and began singing and fronting for bands at top clubs in the New York area. Then it was on to Nashville to record and Los Angeles to perform. You may have once seen her on television or heard of her winning a music award before coming to know her in Second Life as ArorA Chadbourne. You can find Jamie's homepage at


Blue4u Nowicka

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Blue4u is a popular blues singer in Second Life nd, as Debbie Henning in First Life, she is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She couples her unitque harmonies with 12 and 6-string acoustic guitars. She as been influenced most by the blues, rock, and folk styles of music and had seven number one hits in these genres at the former  Her daughter, Trish Henning, also a highly talented musician, joins Debbie not only on stage since she was 12 but also in the recording studio.  You will find Debbie's website at

Ichie Kamachi

TheVoice  Ichie reduced.jpg

There is a reason Ichie has been dubbed "The Voice" by her fans. With a voice reminiscent of such Jazz greats as Nina Simone and Billy Holliday, this songstress has made a name for herself in SL with her repretoire of jazz and blues.  That is not all she does however, an Ichie show may also include country, pop, light rock, hawaiian and her trademark "Naughty Song". Doing both covers and originals written by herself and other SL musicians, Ichie may be one of the most versatile performers in Second Life. If you are looking for a voice that is sultry, sensuous, and as smooth as butter, who can both chill out a room and heat it to a frenzy, look no further. With a heart as big as her voice, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Lefty Mandelbrot

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Lefty has performed in many first life venues and has also become a familiar and popular live music artist at Junkyard Blues. During his shows he switches back and forth between electric and accoustic guitar. If you hear a penny whistle or a piano or a bass (or anything else) in Lefty's music besides guitar you are hearing one of his home-made backing tracks. He sings an eclectic blend of classic rock, folk tunes, and original compositions, some of them about Junkyard experiences. If you listen carefully you may hear your name in one of his songs.

Tone Uriza

Tone Uriza live.jpg

Tone Uriza is a 29 year veteran of the Tucson, Arizona blues scene. He has a developed an eclectic style of blues drawing from the traditional & contemporary blues styles of the last century. He covers other blues artist only with the intent of bringing more blues and it's rich history to the world. An ambassador if you will, Tone loves spreading the blues wherever he can. Often taking short pauses during a performance to educate and inform his audience on the music he loves so dearly. There is a lot of heart, soul, and feeling in a Tone Uriza performance. In 1999 Tony Uribe aka Tone Uriza was inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame.